Start your calendar with any month, it will always be a 12 month calendar.

Our Name-In-Image Personalized calendars have a person's name inserted into the image in an unique and innovative way. You supply your excel template of names and we will create a memorable individual calendar for every recipient in your list with their name showed in each of the monthly pictures.

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1. Names Template...  Download this;Name-In-Image Names Template to enter your names list into. Enter addresses only if you are having us mail your calendars. Please read the instructions carefully. You may submit a new list up to the time you approve your proof. After that, no changes are accepted to your list. See Re-Order Policy below.  
2. Standard Image Sets..Choose one set from our 12 standard image sets for your calendar (All-Star Set and Sets 5 through 15)... included in pricing for every calendar. Name-In-Image Standard Image Sets
In case you find a Standard Image Set (14 and 15 have the latest new images) where you like most of the images but it has a few images you are not fond of... now, for the first time, you can change up to three images in a set.
NEW - Standard Image Set CHANGE OPTION... select any of our 12 Standard Image Sets and change up to three images on it from our Full Image Library or from the other Standard Image Sets. There is a $80.00 programming charge.
3. Full Image Library...Create your own custom 12 image set. We have over 375 images to choose from in our Library. Pricing includes custom cover (if art provided), standard cover, or one of the five optional cover choices [shown below]. There is a $250.00 programming charge. See all the images at Name-In-Image Library
NOTE: If you have trouble downloading any of the above, Call us at 877-753-5739, Text us AT 248-982-8356 OR email us at: SALES@KELSEYPROMO.COM... with your email address, we will then send the three files (Standard Images, Library Images and Names Template) to you.
Calendar Styles... Name-In-Image Calendars are available in 15 styles... nine desk calendars, three specialty desk calendars, one desk pad and two wall calendars. [we can also can create posters, post cards or greeting cards using our Name-In-Image technology using your photos].  Your recipient's first and in some images their last name, is inserted in each of the monthly images. See all our Name-In-Image styles at We do not recommend using company names, they are sometimes long and as a result the image personalization may look unrealistic.
Delivery... For early December delivery of your Name-In-Image Calendars, we suggest that you order your calendars no later than October 30th, earlier if possible (see Re-Order Policy below). Calendar delivery gets longer as we get nearer to the end of the year.
Imprint Area... Your full color logo and/or short copy goes on the cover of each calendar and on each month, size of imprint depends on the calendar style. Customer’s logo and recipient’s name will be placed on the cover. For our process, we require a vectored image of your logo (.ai or .eps file). If you do not know if it's a vectored image, send the image to us and we will check it out and let you know. Please make sure all fonts are converted to curves or outlines.
Calendar Name Imprint Area
cover & each page
Custom Cover
Imprint area
ALGER 1.75" w x 1.5" h 4.625"w x 5.438" h
BRIMLEY 2" w x .625" h 5.5" w x 2.625" h
COPPER 2" w x .625" h 5.5" w x 2.625" h
DELTA 2" w x .75" h 5.5" w x 3.25" h
EMERALD 1.75" w x 1.125" h 4.75" w x 5.25" h
FAYETTE 1.875" w x 1.125" h 5.5" w x 5.5" h
GLADSTONE 3.25" w x 1" h 11" w x 5.25" h
HOUGHTON 2.5" w x 1" h 5.25" w x 8" h
IRON 3" w x 1.125" h 8.5" w x 5.5" h
JACOBSVILLE 3.25" w x 1.625" h no cover page
KEWEENAW cover- 4" w x 2" h
each page - 5" w x 1.375" h
11" w x 8.5" h
LUCE 2" w x 1.625" h 8.5" w x 5.5" h
MARQUETTE 2.75" w x 1" h 7" w x 5" h

cover & image side
3" w x 1.25" h

Back side
2.75" x .625"

7" w x 5" h
ONTONAGON cover & image side
3.25" w x 1" h

Back side
4.25" w x .875" h
7" w x 5" h

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Birthday Option... Provide the birthday month of your recipients on your list, we will change the standard image for that month to a special Birthday greeting using their first name. Just $0.30 more for each recipient (minimum of 10 names) for this option.

Custom Background Color... BRIMLEY & FAYETTE, the black background of these two calendars can be changed to your custom PMS color - Setup charge $120.00. Stand can be black or white.
Additional Months or Page Inserts... We can include additional months or extra pages (coupons, mid-year promotion, multiple office info or anything else. $120 set-up plus 7% of calendar price for each additional month or insert page.
Special Date Inclusion... Add one or more custom dates to your calendar. $120 set-up
Holidays... U.S. Holidays are included on some calendars. See specific calendar for details. Canadian Holidays are available instead of U.S. Holidays at No charge (using factory predetermined list of Canadian holidays). Please note this option on your order as U.S.. holidays are default.
Covers... Standard cover is shown on each calendar page. Five optional covers are available. There is a $40 setup charge. Customer’s logo and recipient’s name will be placed on the cover. Optional Covers Shown below.
Custom Cover... A full color custom cover of your design is available for your calendars (instead of just your logo). It can include a message using variable data ie: name, salesperson, department or any other date that changes for each person. Setup for a full color cover imprint is $80.00, based on receiving print-ready electronic file. Recipient’s name will be placed on the cover with your design. See sample custom covers at
Recipient’s name will be placed on the cover of all Name-In-Image Calendars. No Exceptions.
Variable Data... From data in your excel spreadsheet, we can insert variable data into the custom cover or the monthly imprint pages such as... name, city, salesperson, salesperson photo, email & phone, region, Sales volume, spouse name, children names. Special dates noted each month.
Your Photos... We can convert photos or artwork to be used in your Name-In-Image Calendar. Send us your hi-res unaltered image to see if it qualifies for our technology. Pricing is based on complexity of inserting names and starts at $125 per image. ex. your building or product on the front cover with the recipient's name.
Ordering instructions">Ordering instructions:
  • Choose your calendar style from our website at
  • Select one of the Standard Image Sets OR 12 images from the Full Image library (extra charge).
  • Specify your starting month, calendar will be for 12 months, no extra charge.
  • Enter your names into the Names Excel Template.
  • Send us a vectored image of your logo (.ai or .eps file) and/or the copy you want on your calendars depending on the imprint area of the calendar you are ordering.
  • Email your order, along with all the above, to
  • Call us with your credit card details at >877-753-5739 or 248-474-5413 in Michigan.
Order Review... after receiving your order, we will send you an Order Review for your approval. At that time you will need to call us with your credit card info. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is shipped.
Calendar Proof... In about a week after we receive your approval of the Order Review and if we have your names list and complete artwork (could be longer as we get closer to year end) we will send you a virtual multi-page PDF proof of your calendar using one name from your list. When we receive your proof approved, your calendars will go into production.
Production 6-9 business days after virtual proof approval and it is increased to about 15-20 business days after proof approval during the months of Oct, Nov & Dec, call for current lead times during these months.
Domestic Split-shipments... $5 per address plus an additional $.20 per calendar to sort by location. Applies on most orders. For larger quantities please call.
International Split-shipments... $10 per address plus an additional $.20 per unit to sort by location. Applies on most orders. For larger quantities please call.
Labels... $.15 per label, plus $20 set-up.
Calendar Insertion & Label Application...  $.90 each
Fulfillment... We will handle the mailing of your calendars directly to the recipients on your list;. We insert each calendar into a mailer (verifying the names against the label), seal, add postage, an address label with your logo and return address. Then we mail the calendars individually to each of your recipients via First Class U.S. Mail. Add the cost of the labels ($.15 each), insertion label application ($.90 each) to the calendar price plus the one time label set-up ($20). Add mailer and postage cost below.
Mailers and Postage... are additional and vary per calendar.  
Calendar Mailer First Class U.S. Postage
ALGER $0.80 each $2.77 each
BRIMLEY $0.45 each $2.61 each
COPPER $0.45 each $2.61 each
DELTA $0.45 each $2.61 each
EMERALD $0.55 each $2.61 each
FAYETTE $0.55 each $2.61 each
GLADSTONE $0.90 each $2.77 each
HOUGHTON $0.80 each $2.61 each
IRON $0.80 each $2.61 each
KEWEENAW $1.00 each $2.77 each
LUCE $0.80 each $2.61 each
MARQUETTE $0.80 each $2.61 each
NEWBERRY $0.80 each $2.61 each
ONTONAGON $0.80 each $2.64 each

If your mailing is over 500 pieces, we can send at the standard flat rate (bulk mail) which is about $0.61 to $0.85 for the various rates.
U.S. Postage prices are subject to change.

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Re-Order Policy... After you receive your calendars, if you find you missed someone, made a spelling mistake or have thought of new people you need to send a calendar to... Our One-Time-Only Re-Order Policy allows you to order a minimum of 12 or more (no limit) additional same year calendars at the original calendar price.

Create your own custom image set includes a custom cover, if art provided, or use one of the optional cover choices below.

Optional Covers Available

A-Hanging Ornaments  B-Four Ornaments  C-Paint Brush Strokes 

D-Ribbon E-Thanks a Bunch  

For an additional $40 set-up you can pick one of the five cover designs above.

You can also supply your own completely custom cover for a $80 set-up for any of the Name-In-Image Calendar styles that have covers. See sample custom covers at

MARQUETTE Specialty Calendar Images

NEWBERRY Specialty Calendar Images

ONTONAGON Specialty Calendar Images

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