Name-In-Image (NII) technology image personalized calendars have a person's name inserted into each image in an unique and innovative way. You supply your excel template of names and we will create a memorable individual one-of-a-kind calendar for every recipient in your list... with their name in each of the monthly pictures.

  Our Name-In-Image Technology,

changes the name

in the image, for each recipient! 

 CHOOSE one of 12
Standard Image Sets at N/C

CREATE your own image set
from 375+ Images - Xtra SU Chg

Use our Excel Names Template for your names list


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15 Name-In-Image Calendars to Choose

12 Standard Image Sets

375 images, create your own image set.


New We can convert your photos or images to accept our Name-In-Image Technology, like this photo of Ford Field (Detroit), created as a post card invitation to an event held at Ford Field.  ------------------------------->

Imagine sending out calendars and they all stay on your recipients wall or desk for the entire year with your logo and/or message in every month. Our Name-In-Image calendars can make it happen! A Name-In-Image calendar is an image personalized calendar where we insert the recipients first name and sometimes their last name in each of the 12 monthly calendar images.

Ask us about our Birthday Image Option
using this image in their Birthday Month!

Who's using Name-In-Image image personalized calendars? 

Universities and Colleges | Non-profit Organizations | Companies of all Sizes | Financial Planners | Real Estate Agents | Tech Companies | Radio & TV Stations | Title Companies | Banks & Credit Unions | Mortgage Companies | Insurance Agents | Attorneys | CPA's | Hospitals & Medical Facilities | Photographers | Dentists | Wellness Companies | Website Developers | Business Coaches | Meeting Planners | Hotels & Conference Centers | Staffing Companies | Computer Companies | Childcare Facilities | Construction Companies | Professional Speakers... and many many more.

Create a Custom Name-In-Image Calendar...

for your next Fund Raising Appeal... 
as a Donation Thank You...
as your Sales Brochure... 
as an Invitation for a Corporate or Non-Profit Event... 
as a Thank You for Buying a House, Car or any other Luxury Item... 
as a Sales Appeal to a Prospect... 
as an Invitation to an Executive Retreat...   

What use can you think of for Name-In-Image Calendars?

 Your calendar sticks around with your message for 365 days and continues to keep your monthly message fresh.

Nobody gives away or throws away a Name-In-Image calendar... when their personal name is in each of 12 monthly images. Many have keep their calendar beyond the calendar year and continue showing photos from it and framing some of their best liked images from the calendar. 

We can create your calendars and with our complete fulfillment, mail them directly to your recipients, thus saving you the effort and time.

***Name-In-Image Calendars, Personalized for your Recipient (customers, employees, prospects, referrers, family or friends).***

See our Standard Set Images, Full Image Library, Calendar Options, Birthday Option, Fulfillment Details and Template Download at

What Our Clients Are Saying

Just a quick note to say thanks for your service and the quality products that you provide. The calendars were an awesome success.

  • Jan Y
  • York Industries
  • Jan 04, 2017

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